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The 1st Global  

Violence Prevention Education Conference  February 2020

“Learning to defend ourselves isn’t about gender or taking sides. It’s not about being violent. It’s about defending our right to set and enforce the boundaries that keep us emotionally and physically safe.” 

~ Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman  

In recent years, the discourse about violence against women and children has grown strong. We have seen the rise of the #MeToo movement, we have heard more and more harsh evidence of domestic violence and found out how much sexual and gender violence is rooted in the systems that make up our society as it crosses sectors, ages, and populations.

So far, this discourse has been largely about secondary prevention, that is, removing the victim from the abusive environment, and receiving treatment and assistance after the injury. We wholeheartedly believe that the time has come to emphasize primary prevention initiatives and a range of activities to tackle a culture that supports violence, in order to create a safer world for all. We must first and foremost put education at the forefront, in order to have a healthier and safer society.  


The first international conference on Violence Prevention Education (VPEC) aims to increase the public visibility and speak out on such an important issue. We will discuss a critical response that was developed in Israel; a method of primary prevention as well as share recent developments in the field and form international partnerships.  


VPEC will provide a safe space for presenting methods and discussions on the innovative approaches that have emerged in recent decades and will focus on expanding the discourse on the implementation of prevention programs in formal and informal education systems. 


This initiative is being produced by El HaLev, now officially an NGO with Consultative Status to the United Nations (ECOSOC), and the events will take place at the El HaLev Violence Prevention Center in Jerusalem this February. The conference will be attended by dozens of renowned experts from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Israel.  

The conference attendees will discuss practical ways in which it is possible, important and essential to prevent violence, especially among children, youth and women. In addition, in cooperation with the Israeli Ambassadors Club, diplomats and ambassadors are invited to attend. The program will include establishing contacts, international relations and exchange of knowledge on this hot topic.



February 23rd - 24th  2020


El HaLev Violence Prevention Center, Jerusalem, Israel

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Number of Days



1 Day

125 Euros


1 Day

מחיר מסובסד


2 Days

200 Euros


2 Days

מחיר מסובסד

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