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Empowerment Self-Defense for Women and Girls

IMPACT is a unique self-defense training program developed to combat and prevent sexual violence. Many graduates have defined it as a life-changing and powerful experience that positively influenced all areas of their lives.

The intensive training involves simulated fights with instructors in full-body protective gear.

IMPACT is one of two types of empowerment self-defense programs for women and girls. It is an opportunity to fully experience the hidden power of your voice and your body.

It’s the best gift you could possibly give yourself!

During the course, you will learn:

  • Verbal boundary-setting and assertiveness skills that can serve you in all areas of life

  • Effective physical techniques that fully harness the natural power of the female body

  • Full-contact role-playing experience with an instructor who simulates an encounter with an assailant—either familiar or stranger 

  • De-escalation skills for a wide variety of situations—from street harassment to sexual assault

  • Confident body language and effective vocal skills to increase deterrence and support getting help

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