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Education, Instruction And training to deal with violence and dangerous situations.

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founder and volunteer CEO

A Woman of many talents, social entrepreneur, has a black belt in judo and a mother of five, senior facilitator and experienced speaker in conferences, in-house training days and seminars throughout Israel and the world. Her positions as the CEO of the association are full-time and as a senior instructor, she has been a full-time volunteer for nearly 15 years. Social entrepreneurship, volunteering, giving to the community and empowering people and women who need strengthening and support are an integral part of the life and worldview of Yehudit from the dawn of her childhood. Her life's work and the crowning glory of her social involvement was the establishment of the "El HaLev" organization in 2003. In 2018, she received an award from the Ministry of Social Equality for her work in the fight against violence against women.

"I believe children who know how to protect themselves, set boundaries and respect boundaries, will become adults who respect and protect others also."

מייסדת שותפה ומנכ"לית

Dorit Shomron

Board Member, Director

Dorit Shomron joined El-HaLev's board as the Director of Kol-Haisha, a multi-cultural women's organization. Dorit has extensive experience as an active board member in non-profit organizations in Israel and the USA. Dorit is a museum professional, specializing in management and the advancement of cultural heritage, and the former marketing manager of the Israel Museum. Throughout her career she has gained broad management experience in the public sector, non-profits and the private sector.

Dorit has a bachelor's degree form the Hebrew University and a Master's degree in Museum Studies, specializing in management, from San Francisco State University.

"I joined El HLev's board because the training of girls, teens and women in empowering self -defense and creating a safe community, is one of the most important social missions in Israel and throughout the world, and because El Halev is managed in a professional, responsible way with relentless dedication.

There is much work ahead and it my goal to contribute to the advancement of our social mission and the organization in every possible way."

יו"ר העמותה

Gwen Ackerman

Board Member

Gwen Ackerman is a senior journalist as well as a published author and short story writer whose subjects are primarily women and the issues they face - particularly in a conflict zone.

"I believe children who know how to protect themselves, set boundaries and respect boundaries, will become adults who respect and protect others also."

ועד מנהל
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Debbie Amichai

Board Member

Clinical Social Worker and Couples' Therapist.


ועד מנהל
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Inna Liachovitsky

Board Member

Coordinator of Early Childhood in the Private Sector.

"As an educator for many years, and a mother of three boys who were involved in martial arts, I can see how education and martial arts go side-by-side. It paves a new path that helps overcome obstacles and allows everyone to express their voice in their own way. El HaLev is a place that offers this innovative path and my hope is that this winning combination will come to fruition more and more.."

ועד מנהל

Tiferet Solomon

Board Member

Operations Manager in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at Hebrew University of Jerusalem


ועד מנהל

Liz Pushet

Board Member

Mother of 5, Social Worker who specializes in Parenting, an active veteran in the Third Sector


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Audit Committee


Gali Malchiel

Joanne Sheransky 

Building Safer Communities

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