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Terms of use

El Halev, Registered Association no. 5804166314 (hereafter: The Company and/or The Service Provider,) provides an Internet website that presens information about self-defense, martial arts, the prevention of violence, and the ways to learn about these issues. The website may add content and other services according to its discretion, including text, video, etc. (hereafter: The Website and/or the System.)


By visiting and using the Website, its contents, and the services it offers, or any website and/or services that may replace it, you agree to comply with the following terms of use.

If you do not agree to comply with the following terms of use, you must not use the website.

Anyone who uses the website agrees that he or she is aware of the Website terms of use and agrees to comply with them.

Only the rules hereby published in these terms of use bind the Company to the Website users and/or the surfers or subscribers. 

The Company retains it right to modify the terms of use periodically, at its sole discretion. The terms of use apply equally to men and women.


You hereby confirm that you have the legal capacity and are of sufficient legal age to make a legally-binding contract. You must be at least 18 years old to use the Website and/or its services.


  1. Agreeing to the terms of use
    1.1 By registering and/or creating an account and/or entering and/or browsing the Website and/or using the Website and/or anything related to the Website through other media, you acknowledge and confirm that you have read the following terms of use and understand them, including the privacy policy that is incorporated herein by reference of these terms of use, and detailed further on in the Website and/or separately. If you do not accept these terms of use, please do not use the Company services and/or Website.

  2. Website activity
    2.1 The Website offers content, training, and self-defense studies about martial arts and the prevention of violence (hereafter: The Information.) It must be emphasized that the Information presented by the Website is only an auxiliary tool and does not constitute a recommendation and/or material required for any decision-making and/or advice of any kind. The Website is not liable directly and/or indirectly for any damage resulting from direct and/or indirect use of the Website that does not accord with the clear commitment of the Website both in writing and in advance.
    2.2 The Company will strive to ensure that the Information on the Website is of high-quality, correct, updated, and customized to the users’ needs, but it is in no way liable or able to guarantee that every item of data is accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. Therefore, the Website is not liable for damage resulting from errors and/or inaccuracies, whether ones uses the data or whether one relies on the data.
    2.3 The Company cannot guarantee that the technological tools on the Website and/or the Information will function fluently and frequently. The Company will do its best to repair any system malfunctions. It must be clarified that part of the Information on the Website is administrated by external parties and/or relies on them and are outside the control of the Website administers.
    2.4 The Company is permitted at all times to modify and/or terminate every feature and/or property and/or use of the Website and/or the service, including content, work hours, and/or equipment, and/or required conditions needed for access and use of the Website and/or part of the Website. The Company is permitted to terminate the distribution of any information, modify and/or terminate every method of data distribution, and is permitted to change the speed of data distribution or any signal attribute and/or attribute of other types of broadcast.
    2.5 The Company has the right to periodically change the way the Website is used, the programs it offers its users, and/or the service it offers.

  3. Quality of service
    3.1 The Company provides the users with a Website that presents basic information about the Association, as well as other information, for their convenience and use. The Company is not responsible for the basic information that is presented by the Website and will not be considered liable for this information in any way.
    3.2 The system is Web-based and relies on an ongoing and high-quality connection to the Internet. The user acknowledges that the use of the Internet is sometimes prone to interruptions that cannot be controlled by the Company and therefore the Company will not be held responsible for any disruption and/or loss of data during the transmittal of information to and from the Internet. Segments of the Website or the Website in its entirety and/or the service in general may be unavailable from time to time for any reason, including ongoing maintenance. Due to circumstances that the Company can or cannot control, access to the Website and/or its segments or the service may be disrupted, suspended, and/or terminated, whether temporarily or permanently. The user hereby waives any argument and/or claim and/or demand for damages and/or payment and/or loss that may be caused from these reasons or from the use of the Website in general.
    3.3 The user is solely responsible for using the Website in any way. The user hereby acknowledges that he or she knows that the Company does not use the contents of the Website, including information and/or services, to recommend and/or express an opinion. The user should not rely on the information and/or use the information as a basis for his or her decisions. The user is fully and solely responsible and he or she is fully aware of all the possible ramifications that may occur from using the Website and its contents. The user will have no claim against the Website, including a claim of reliance and/or direct and/or indirect damages. 

  4. Purchasing terms and the products
    4.1 The technical specifications, the business transaction terms, and the price of the products will be mentioned on the product page and/or in the complementary details that the Website proprietor will provide via telephone or meeting. The Website proprietor reserves the right to modify the product page, including its content, at any time. (Hereafter: The Product Page.)
    4.2 If you wish to place an order for a product, choose a product by following the Website instructions – all according to the context of the product and the variety that the Website offers for every product. (Hereafter: The Product.)
    4.3 You must enter your personal information in the order form as the Website instructs you, such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, and methods of payment (Hereafter: Information of the Placer of the Order) and, finally, send the form with the complete, accurate, correct and full Information of the Placer of the Order to the Association and/or the Company (Hereafter: Placing an Order and/or Order.) It is possible that you will only be required to provide your contact details.
    4.4 Provide the Information of the Placer of the Order carefully and accurately in order to guarantee the placement of the order.
    4.5 When the order is placed, the Website and/or Company will check the credit card information of the placer of the order to confirm the placement of the order. Upon confirmation, the Company will send you a relevant message that the order has been confirmed, all subject to the availability of the product (Hereafter: Order Confirmation.) It must be emphasized that that anyone who orders will be charged for the ordered product at the time he or she places the order.
    4.6 Products that received Order Confirmation, i.e., products that were ordered and confirmed, will hereafter be called “Items.”
    4.7 If the credit card company does not confirm the order and therefore did not provide an Order Confirmation, the user must contact costumer services via email and/or telephone as noted on the Website in order to settle the matter. For the avoidance of doubt, the Website proprietor will not be held responsible and will suffer no direct and/or indirect damages by orders that have not been confirmed.
    4.8 For additional conditions and terms, refer to the chapter “Additional Conditions and terms.”

  5. Provision of products and items
    5.1 The delivery date range begins on the date the order was confirmed. After the user pays for the Item, the user will be informed about the ways he or she may receive the Item.
    5.2 The Company reserves the right to add and/or to substract delivery options.
    5.3 If the order takes place in payments, the Company reserves the right to include and charge the cost of the delivery in the first payment.
    5.4 The delivery options, price, etc., will be presented in detail on the Website and/or the delivery terms of a third party.
    5.5 The Company will not be held responsible for any delay and or lateness of deliveries made by a third party and/or affected by force majeure and/or strikes and/or stoppage and/or lack of response from the client regarding delivery scheduling and/or any other reason that the Website proprietor cannot prevent. As stated, a delay will not constitute a breach of the commitment to supply the Item. The Company reserves the right to supply the Item once there is no obstacle and/or delay. The delivery date range will continue from the time whatever obstacle had interrupted the original delivery date range.
    5.6 Delivery companies sometimes refuse to deliver to certain areas. In such a case, an agreed-upon place will be selected for delivery.
    5.7 The delivery service and the areas that it covers are under the sole discretion of the Website and is within the State of Israel and in specific areas only, which the Website defines from time to time. (Hereafter: The Distribution Area”.) The business reserves the right to modify the Distribution Area without prior notice and at any time.
    5.8 In case it becomes clear that the Company cannot supply the Item to the purchaser according to its regulations and policy, and no other suitable solution is found, the Company may cancel the transaction at any time before the product is supplied. Once the transaction is canceled, the costumer will be entitled to a refund via the method of payment he or she originally used to place the order and/or cancel the credit charges and/or receive funds equal to the charge. It must be emphasized that the costumer will not be entitled to compensation of any kind due to the cancellation of the transaction.
    5.9 The customer must inform the Company in case he or she did not receive the Item during the delivery date range noted on the Website.
    5.10 The Company and/or its representatives may require the presence of the holder of the credit card and/or his or her signature when the Item is supplied, as a prerequisite to providing the Item.
    5.11 In case the information that is noted in the in the Product Page differs from that which appears in the Website statute, the distribution terms will be set according to the information detailed in the Product Page.
    5.12 The distribution times of the products will be detailed on the Product Page and/or the Website shopping cart and/or other places on the Website and are subject to the discretion of the Website proprietor.
    5.13 The count of days will start from the moment the order is confirmed and the actual payment is registered in the Company computers, as aforementioned.

  6. Cancelation of the purchase
    6.1 The User may cancel a transaction that he or she has made on the Website, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law 5741 1981 (hereafter “The Consumer Protection Law”) and according with the product return policy that will be published periodically, as per the discretion of the Company. Note that products that are classified as personal orders cannot be canceled.
    6.2 One may cancel an order any time between the day the order is placed up to 14 days after the day the product is received, or a document prepared according to Section 14c (b) of the Consumer Protection Law is received. The product shall be returned, when it is unused and new, at the expense of the purchaser. After the place of business checks it and approves, the purchaser will be entitled to a full refund via the payment method he or she had used when making the transaction, excluding the cost of delivery. Only unused products and those that exhibit no signs of usage may be returned.
    6.3 Any product return will be made according to the details pertaining to product returns that appear on the Website and/or in this statute.
    6.4 The terms of cancelation that are mentioned above do not apply to products and/or items that were produced according to the regulations of Section 14c (b) of the Consumer Protection Law – goods that were produced individually to meet the specifications of the consumer, unless the business agrees to it, according to its terms and beyond the letter of the law, and in case this is published on the Website from time to time.
    6.5 You may send a cancelation to the Company by fax and/or email and/or any other way that the Website proprietor sees fit and this will be published on the Website.
    6.6 In case a cancelation takes place according to these rules, the costumer will pay a cancelation fee of either 5% or 100 ILS, whichever amount is the lowest, and according to the law.
    6.7 The cancelation of the order is subject to the fact that the costumer returns the product to the business at his or her expense in its original packaging, when it is whole, and/or without any harm and/or damage and/or malfunction, new, functioning, and completely unused.
    6.8 These terms will be applied to items according with the Consumer Protection Law.
    6.9 If the product you have received seems different from its corresponding image which was presented on the Website in size, color, etc., please address the business in writing in an orderly fashion / within 14 days, as aforementioned. The business will use its sole judgment to decide whether to accept the product return or not. However, it must be emphasized that the Association strives to present the image of the products on the Website as they actually are, despite the technological restrictions that are involved – color, proportions, etc.
    6.10 If you are concerned that the product you have received is damaged, please address the Association in writing and provide it with the product for examination. A product that is found to be damaged will entitle a full refund, but there will be no cause for compensation. The Association will be given 3 business days to fix the damage before the transaction is canceled.

  7. Cancelation of the transaction by the Website proprietor
    7.1 In case the product is out of stock, the Company will offer an alternative product and/or a refund. The Company shall not be liable for damage of the placer of the order whatever his or her claims, as aforementioned, and the Company is entitled to cancel the transaction.
    7.2 If, for any reason, the information of the placer of the order was not registered properly, the Company may cancel the purchase transaction at its discretion.
    7.3 If the order was placed unlawfully and/or in a way that does not accord with to this statute, the Company will be permitted to cancel the transaction.
    7.4 The user will be informed of the cancellation of the order according to the information he or she has provided.
    7.5 In case there is any error in the presentation and/or the placement of order, the Company is permitted to cancel the transaction.

  8. Products warranty
    8.1 The products are manufactured by a third party. The warranty terms and restrictions will be presented on the Website and/or the product packaging.
    8.2 In case the product exhibits unreasonable physical deterioration, the Website proprietor will address the costumer’s claim and will try, beyond the letter of the law, to mediate any dispute between the manufacturer and the purchaser.
    8.3 The proprietor of the Website will strive beyond the letter of the law to check whether its suppliers are able to fix the product. The client is free to contact the relevant manufacturer independently.
    8.4 The Website proprietor will not be held responsible or liable for any damage, whether direct and/or indirect and/or consequential and/or unique and/or circumstantial, to the user and/or a third party, due to using the Website or using it to purchase in a way that does not comply with these regulations and/or using the products in a way that does not comply with the instructions and/or negligently, whatever the claim may be, including loss of income and/or prevention of profit and/or claim of damages that result from any reason.
    8.5 It must be stressed that one should employ reasonable measures to protect the product and its users, all according to the materials and components that comprise the product.
    8.6 It must be stressed that the validity of the warranty and the scope of its application will be set according to the context of the product, its components, its suppliers, its manufacturers, and the policy of the external supplier and/or the Website proprietor, as aforementioned. In case there is no description pertaining to the maintenance of the products, the binding rules will be those that are acknowledged by the commercial market and/or according to the instructions of the supplier and/or the Website proprietor, all in accordance with the context and circumstances of the case and the product.
    8.7 Products sold from the display will be sold “as is” and no warranty will be provided for them.
    8.8 Insofar as the costumer is willing to collect the product and assemble it independently, the Website proprietor will not be responsible for that product, including defects and damages that occur during the assembly and delivery processes or anything else.
    8.9 The Website proprietor is not responsible for products of external suppliers. The data presented on the Website is identical to that which was provided to the Website proprietor. The Website bears no responsibility concerning those products.

  9. Cancelation of the order
    9.1 Regarding the courses, any cancelation will be made according to the Website Cancelation Policy and the Consumer Protection laws.

  10. Website content
    10.1 The Company bears no responsibility for the content that appears on the Website, which was entered and/or provided by and/or via external factors, including third parties and external links.
    10.2 The Company is not responsible for the accuracy, truthfulness, completeness and the usability of the contents and/or information on the Website. Under no circumstances will the Company be responsible or liable for any damage and/or loss resulting from the reliance of the user and/or any other party on the information gained obtained via the Website and/or provided by the Company and are the sole responsibility of the user. If you have noticed that information is missing and/or have noticed any mistakes, please report this via the “contact us” area on the Website.
    10.3 If you see that the Website content is harmful to a third party, please report this via the “contact us” area on the Website and your application will be forwarded to the third party to examine your claim.

  11. Using the Website
    11.1 It is prohibited to misuse the Website and the content of the Website, including using it for unlawful purposes or in ways that may cause damage, deception, encouragement, coercing, urging, unlawful actions, and damages to intellectual property of third parties or anyone, or ways that may compromise the privacy of any party, assign responsibility to the Website, and/or harm the reputation of the Website and its administrators. It is prohibited to attack the Website, including malware implementation and/or scanning the Website manually and/or via robot and/or data mining. It is prohibited to save the contents presented on the Website, including on a hard drive, and/or the user’s computer and/or the Internet and/or an email account, including screenshots and/or videotaping the screen.

  12. Contact us
    12.1 Email address Telephone No. (02)6781764
    12.2 The Company endeavors to respond to all costumer queries within a reasonable timeframe.

  13. Privacy
    13.1 The Company will use reasonable endeavors to secure the information of the users, including using SSL encrypting technology, and will not forward their information to third parties, if it is not legally required to do so. However, the Website activity takes place in an online environment and, therefore, the Company cannot guarantee a complete immunity to the infiltration of its computers or the exposure of the stored information by those who commit unlawful actions, and if an external party will access the information stored by the Company and/or will use this information, the user will have no argument and/or claim and/or demand of any kind towards the Company.
    13.2 The user of the Website hereby acknowledges that he or she is aware that the Company collects statistical information about the user’s activity on the Website, by using, among others, the Cookies technology and other analytical tools for marketing and business purposes, etc., and to customize the Website according to the preferences of the user.
    13.3 Cookies are text files that user’s browser creates after being prompted by a command and are saved on the hard disk of the user’s computer. The cookies contain various data, such as the webpages you have browsed, the amount of time spent browsing the Website, the previous location you have browsed before entering the Website, information that you request to see when entering the Website, and more.
    13.4 If the Company or the Website collect the email address of the user and inform him or her that they may contact him or her with marketing offers, the user claims that he or she agrees that the Company or its representatives are permitted to contact him or her from time to time with advertisements and marketing offers, including though direct mailing, text messages, email, facsimile, automatic dialing system, and/or any other ways of communication, and the user will have no argument and/or claim and/or demand, including regarding Section 30a of the Spam Law in the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasts,) 5742 – 1982.

  14. The intellectual property rights of the Company
    14.1 All rights pertaining to the Website belong to the Website and its owners, including the information, the way the information is presented, explanations, diagrams, video clips, tables and more, whether by written right or by law, including the Website design, logo, interface, Website structure, software, applications, computer code, graphic files, text, and any other material it includes, are all the property and the intellectual property of the Company. It is prohibited to copy the content of the Website or any part of it or to modify, publish, broadcast, transfer, sell, distribute, or use it commercially or in any other way or violate any lawful rights, without the Company’s preliminary clear and written approval. Any violation of this article may create an infringement of copyrights, trademark rights, and/or other intellectual property rights that may inflict punishments and/or criminal and/or civil penalties.

  15. Modifying the terms of use and privacy policy
    15.1 The Company reserves the right to make any modification, including stopping, suspending, and/or canceling the terms of use, including the privacy policy, at all times, at its sole discretion, without any obligation to provide an explanation or a notice about the subject.
    15.2 In case the Company modifies the terms of use and/or the privacy policy, it is permitted to inform the users by sending them an email to the email address the users employed to contact the Company and/or by publishing a notice about the aforementioned modification on the Website.
    15.3 The Company advises its users to read the terms of use from time to time and stay updated.

  16. General
    16.1 The section headlines are for the sake of convenience and orientation only and are not to be used for the interpretation of the terms of use.
    16.2 Every right, aid, and/or remedy of the Company according to these terms of use will not diminish any other right, aid, and or remedy of the Company.
    16.3 These terms of use do not constitute a contract for the benefit of a third party and it provides no rights to a third party.
    16.4 No waiver, avoidance of action, or extension of time given by the Company will be considered as a waiver of its rights according to these terms of use or any law and will not constitute a precedent and will not be used for inference for any other case and will not compromise the Company’s entitlement to realize its rights at any time, and the Company will not accept any claims about waivers or postponements.
    16.5 The Website activity and these terms of use are only subject to Israeli law. The single exclusive authority to discuss any claim and/or request that may be submitted about these terms of use is granted to the Tel Aviv court of law, which is authorized to do so.
    16.6 The maximum amount of damages, if so ruled, will not exceed 200 ILS.
    16.7 Any invalidity of one or more of these terms of use will not affect the validity of the entire terms of use. An invalid or unenforceable term will be replaced by a valid term that will meet the purpose of the original term as closely as possible according to the law.
    16.8 It must be made clear that the definition of the terms in this statute will not affect any fundamental interpretation. Specifically, the definitions used by the Israeli Tax Authority - Osek Patur, Osek Murshe, Osek Rashum – will be used to describe the Company for convenience only, if at all.
    16.9 Products that are for sale on the Website will be manufactured according to the Consumer Protection Law and regulations.
    16.10 The Company will not be held responsible for the results of the administration of a course and this is subject to the sole discretion of the Website proprietor. The Website proprietor will use its sole discretion to decide upon the conditions that one must fulfill to be accepted to a course.

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