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Empowerment and Violence Prevention Programs for At-Risk Communities

ESD course for women
Setting boundaries

At El HaLev, our mission is clear: nurturing safety, dignity, and empowerment for every individual. We are passionately committed to fostering a secure environment for a diverse range of vulnerable groups, where they can thrive and find their voices: 

🌈 Caring for All Ages and Backgrounds 

  • At-Risk Children and Teens: Guiding the youth towards a brighter future, free from violence and fear. 

  • Survivors of Violence and Their Families: Providing solace, support, and strategies to rebuild lives shattered by violence. 

  • Individuals with Physical or Mental Disabilities: Championing inclusivity and creating pathways

  • to independence. 

  • Mental Health Advocates: Offering resources and empowerment for those navigating the complexities of mental health. 

  • Seniors and Elderly Individuals: Honoring wisdom and ensuring a dignified, safe environment for our elders

🌍 Our Impact Speaks Volumes 

Over the years, we have honed our programs to address the unique needs of these communities.

Our collaborations have spanned a wide spectrum of institutions that are at the heart of these communities: 

Safe Homes: Providing havens of security and healing for those escaping danger.

Boarding Schools: Empowering young minds with tools for self-defense and self-confidence.

Special Needs Classes: Tailoring education to individual abilities and fostering a sense of belonging.

Shelters for Domestic Violence Survivors: Extending a hand to those in crisis, guiding them towards a future free from violence.

Violence Prevention Centers: Serving as beacons of education, breaking the cycle of violence before it begins.

Special Education Schools: Nurturing potential and opening doors for those with diverse learning needs.

Seniors' Clubs: Creating vibrant communities for our elders, where they can engage, share, and thrive. 

Leadership that Shines Brightly 

Our team of accomplished experts, recognized globally, brings their wealth of knowledge to benefit institutions worldwide. They are not just educators but also advocates for change, leading the way towards a safer world. 

🌐 Cultural Sensitivity as a Guiding Light 

Inclusive, adaptive, and respectful. We tailor our programs to harmonize with the richness of Israeli society, bridging gaps and fostering unity among: 

Religious Communities

Ethnic Minorities 🇪🇹 Ethiopian Immigrants

The Arab Sector

New Immigrants 

Join us at El HaLev as we pave the way towards a society that radiates respect, well-being, and safety for everyone. Together, we craft a future where empowerment and protection flourish hand in hand, ensuring that no one is left behind. 

“The instructor taught the girls the principles of self-defense with professionalism, warmth, sensitivity, and determination. She strengthened their awareness, focusing on coping skills, and the girls acquired skills and their self-esteem and sense of capability was boosted, which is very important to their coping with a very difficult day-to-day life.”

Chaya Teitelbaum,

Genstil Center for At-Risk Teens

“The experience you gave us was very powerful for the women in female empowerment, a sense of control, and a feeling of capability. For women who have been through a lot of violence, this is an important experience that can’t be taken for granted: to succeed with the self-defense materials in an accepting and safe environment, and to leave it feeling good and with an experience of learning and self-esteem.”

Sil’it Staff


  • who may participate in this course?
    11-year-old girls (and older) and every woman who wants to acquire effective tools for self-defense. Instead of aspiring to replace former knowledge or tools, the course enhances existing toolboxes and allows each participant to choose her best strategy for her specific situation.
  • Do I need to be in good physical shape to participate?
    The course is suitable for girls and women in various physical and health conditions.
  • Is the course suitable for victims of sexual violence?
    Many participants who are victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, or other trauma, find the course contents and practice healing and empowering. Furthermore, the team is especially sensitive to matters relating to abuse and all types of violence. El HaLev instructors undergo lengthy and intense training and they provide the participants with a safe and supportive environment, both emotionally and physically. This enables the participants to boost their confidence, improve their skills, and enhance their personal sense of power.
  • You are an Amuta. Why is there a participation fee?
    El HaLev is a nonprofit organization and the participation fee results from the cost of the production of the course. However, the vision of the Amuta states that every woman has the right to acquire tools to protect her body, soul, and safety. Therefore, we work very hard to obtain donations that allow us to subsidize our activities, to help potential participants. Some of these donations were provided by those who have graduated from our courses, understanding their significance to every woman and girl. Thanks to these generous donations, we can offer support and will consider every woman’s financial situation. Help us with your donation >>

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