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El HaLev along with its sister organization ESD Global are the leading non-profit organizations for training and qualifying Empowerment Self-Defense instructors. The demand for instructors locally and globally is steadily rising, and ESD instruction is now a career that can worked at full time and internationally. 


If you live outside Israel, you can find out how to become an Empowerment Self-Defense instructor here.  


If you live in Israel, keep reading, as El HaLev’s Self-Defense instructor course trains and qualifies dozens of instructors locally every year. 


In September 2012 El HaLev was given an official status recognized by the Israeli ministry of sport and culture as a training school for basic martial-arts instructors. El HaLev training program graduates receive a certificate enabling them to instruct self-defense as legally required. 


El HaLev has two training tracks for teaching ESD instructors: 

1. A course for training in basic martial arts instruction 

2. An expansion course for instructing ESD for those holding a “Basic Martial Arts Instructor” certificate 

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Education, Instruction And training to deal with violence and dangerous situations.


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