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The El HaLev Center for Violence Prevention—
“Beit El HaLev”

Located in the heart of the Talpiyot neighborhood in Jerusalem, the El HaLev Center is an innovative and versatile space where we realize our organization’s vision and host our community-building activities. It is a safe, healing, and empowering place.

The El HaLev Center hosts individuals, groups, and educational and therapeutic staff from all over the world, offering seminars, workshops, professional enrichment activities, courses, and events as part of a Bat Mitzvah journey or trip to Jerusalem.

The center resonates with a magical atmosphere of empowerment, positivity, and hope

Group Visits

El HaLev invites you to join us on a highly original, interactive tour, tailored to the needs of your group. We have worked with a diverse range of groups, from organizational staffs to private tour groups.

Martial Arts Classes

You are warmly invited to our safe and empowering space to take part in our myriad classes for girls and women. Every class we offer is an entire world of values, caring, and constant growth, under the direction of our devoted staff of incredible instructors.

A room at El HaLev

The El HaLev Center for Violence Prevention boasts a variety of well-equipped rooms. We host conferences, workshops, private events, and lectures in a warm, homey atmosphere.

Our experienced staff will help you organize your event down to the last detail.

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