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The El HaLev Center for Violence Prevention—
“Beit El HaLev”

Located in Jerusalem's Talpiyot neighborhood, the El HaLev Visitors Center is a a one-of-a-kind haven dedicated to the essential mission of not only preventing violence but also nurturing an environment of acceptance, empathy, and resilience.

Our center warmly opens its doors to groups from all over the world including international delegations interested in exploring innovative approaches to violence prevention, Corporate teams aiming to enhance their understanding of conflict resolution and teamwork, medical professionals interested in gaining insights into the psychological and physical aspects of violence prevention, Women's groups eager to learn practical tools for self-defense and resilience, NGO's dedicated to promoting safety and empowerment in their communities and Youth groups looking to engage in discussions and activities centered around creating a healthier society.

Through a range of engaging activities like seminars, workshops, professional enrichment programs, and customized events, we cultivate a vibrant hub where knowledge is shared, and empowerment thrives. Our inviting space stands as a testament to our commitment to creating a safer and kinder world for everyone.

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