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Programs for Schools

Preventing Violence through Empowerment Self Defense

Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) is an internationally renowned self-protection method that provides a multi-dimensional solution to dealing with gender-based violence, by teaching a combination of physical and mental skills for identifying and responding to risk situations, harassment, assault, abuse, and more. ESD has been academically proven as the most effective means known globally today for the prevention of gender-based violence and recommended to be broadly implemented by the European Union in order to prevent and reduce violence in EU countries.


El HaLev offers its empowerment self-defense and personal safety programs in schools throughout Israel. The programs are approved by the Ministry of Education and are adapted for the age, gender, culture, and character of each group.

Building Safer Communities Through Education

At El HaLev, we view violence prevention education as a fundamental means to insure every child’s right to a safe and healthy life and future. To this end, El HaLev operates an array of educational programs for children and youth, as well as training programs for teachers and educators. Key elements in all programs include identifying preliminary signs of violence, asserting and maintaining healthy boundaries, coping with real-time violence, and adopting de-escalation and exit policies towards risk situations. All programs are adapted to age, gender and social background, and equip educational staff with practical tools to steward violence prevention within the classroom and throughout the school.

Over 120,000 graduates

5,000 students per year

5,000 students per year

1,200 Educators trained

875 educational institutions

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Notable Programs

Municipal Collaborations - throughout Israel reaching thousands of adolescent girls and boys every year, as part of local institutional initiatives to reduce and prevent violence.

ESD for Every Child – School and community initiatives to counter violence reaching thousands of children and parents in Israel. Global

Training Programs - El HaLev has so far trained educators and activists from dozens of countries in Africa, Europe, Latin America and , Australia & North America.

Join us today to build safer communities for girls and boys everywhere!

Army Preparation Programs, Soldiers, and Sherut Leumi Volunteers
Educators and
psychosocial professionals
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