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ESD course

Mission & Goals

Empowering Change Through Education

Founded in 2003, El HaLev is an Israeli non-profit dedicated to countering sexual, emotional, and physical violence through innovative educational programs. Our collaborative efforts span diverse groups, empowering women and children across Israel by equipping them with practical tools for personal safety, self-protection, asserting boundaries, and conflict management in risky and violent situations.


A Multidimensional Solution to Violence

El HaLev's programs operate through the unique Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) approach, offering a multidimensional solution to various forms of violence. By combining physical and mental skills to cope with threats, ESD is an academically proven method for preventing gender-based violence. Our aspiration extends beyond national borders; we aim to make ESD tools accessible to women and vulnerable populations globally. 

Cultivating Safety and Resilience

Our programs provide personalized safety and self-protection sessions in schools, youth villages, special education programs, shelters, and more. In 2019, El HaLev gained Consultative NGO status with the U.N. (ECOSOC), recognizing our expertise. That year, founder Yudit Sidikman received Israel's annual award, reinforcing our commitment against violence. With numerous annual programs and over 130,000 graduates, we continually strive for a healthier, safer society within our nation and worldwide. 

Transforming Prevention and Education

El HaLev's core objectives encompass instilling Empowerment Self-Defense skills in diverse populations, raising awareness of violence prevention, and revolutionizing Israel's approach through education. Our vision goes beyond borders, aiming for a world where Empowerment Self Defense cultivates a safer, more empowered global community. Through collaborations with ESD Global Inc. and IMPACT Personal Safety Global, we create ESD training programs for educators and activists worldwide, empowering individuals to become violence prevention instructors, igniting a ripple effect of safety and empowerment within their communities. 


Gender Equality

Aligned with UN's Sustainable Development Goals

All of El HaLev's activities are firmly rooted in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, we contribute to Goals 4, 5, 10, and 17, which emphasize quality education, gender equality, reduced inequalities, and strong partnerships for achieving a more just and sustainable world. Our commitment to these global goals further drives our efforts to empower individuals, foster safety, and create lasting positive change.

Global Impact and Sustainable Change

We're honored to make a meaningful impact, offering ESD programs led by expert instructors in partnership with UN agencies and fellow NGOs. Our efforts span over 60 countries across Africa, Europe, Latin America, Australia, and North America. El HaLev instructors also serve as mentors for program graduates, providing ongoing counseling and support to ensure their impactful work endures. 

Fostering Knowledge 

Empowerment Situated in Jerusalem, our El HaLev International Center serves as a hub for individuals, groups, and educational teams worldwide. We offer seminars, workshops, enrichment activities, and tailored events, fostering a space for knowledge exchange and empowerment. 

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