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International Activity

Bringing The Most Effective Violence Prevention Training Programs to Local Communities Around the World


El HaLev is one of the leading forces of the international movement for violence prevention through Empowerment Self Defense (ESD). 

With the mission of making Empowerment Self Defense education accessible to all people, we are collaborating with our partner organization ESD Global in creating ESD training programs for educators, counselors, and activists across the world to become violence prevention instructors in their local communities.

These programs, taught by El HaLev professional instructors and often held in collaboration with UN agencies and fellow NGOs in the fields of human rights and gender equality, have so far trained violence prevention instructors from over 50 countries in Africa, Europe, Latin America and , Australia & North America.

Mentoring Programs 

El HaLev instructors continue on as mentors for program graduates, providing them with counseling and support in their work for years to come. 

International Conference on Violence Prevention Education

In February 2020 El HaLev held the first international Violence Prevention conference providing a pioneering opportunity to discuss strategies for primary prevention that focus on interrupting and stopping violence before it starts. With participants from some 25 countries, including countries in Africa, Pacific Asia, South America, Europe and North America, VPEC provided a safe space for presenting methods and holding discussions on the innovative approaches that have emerged in recent decades and for expanding the implementation of prevention programs in formal and informal education systems.

Learn more: VPEC 2020 , VPEC 2021

Collaborations with the United Nations 

As of 2019 El HaLev holds consultative status to the United Nations ECOSOC, in acknowledgement of its unique expertise in the field of violence prevention. Based on our many collaborations with the Israel offices of the UNHCR, working with refugee and asylum seeker communities, we are also members of the UNHCR co-led Sport for Refugees Coalition.

El Halev International Center for Violence Prevention 
located in Jerusalem, the center hosts individuals, groups, and educational and therapeutic staffs from all over the world, offering seminars, workshops, professional enrichment activities, and tailored events. Read more

Recent International Training programs:


Greece - Women belonging to and working with refugee communities, in collaboration with Indigo Volunteers


Costa Rica - Educators professionals in the field of education, in partnership with the United Nations-mandated University for Peace


Educators and activists from Liberia, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Cameroon, Kenya and The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina - held in Israel 


Albania - Training program for 30 male and female Albanian teachers with Empowerment Self Defense skills in collaboration with UN Women, the Government of Sweden, and the Albanian Ministry of Education

El HaLev is always open to collaborations that can help build safer communities for women and children around the world.


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"Empowering students in Albanian schools through self-defense training"/UN Women news:

Program graduates use the knowledge they acquired to teach women and youth throughout their communities, providing vital violence prevention skills that enable safer and healthier lives. Go to story>>

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