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Support Us

6 Good Reasons to Support Us:

  • El HaLev is a non-profit organization that operates with full transparency

  • El HaLev was awarded the “Midot” Seal of Approval, attesting to El HaLev’s status as an organization that effects real and significant change in the lives of its beneficiaries, in accordance with its goals, while utilizing its resources with maximum efficiency.

  • The staff and instructors of the organization feel a strong sense of mission in their work. All of them are deeply committed to the values of equality, mutual respect, nonviolence, and full acceptance of the other.

  • Innovative studies whose findings were presented in a report by the European Union recognize self-defense as the most effective method of preventing and reducing gender violence.

  • General administrative expenses of the organization are funded by direct donations. All other donations to El HaLev are used only to support our programs and subsidize student tuition.

  • El HaLev is a recognized non-profit organization in accordance with clause 46 of the Income Tax Law. Every donation is eligible for a tax return.

There are many ways to support El HaLev


Organize a Course Where You Live

Our instructors live and travel throughout the country (and in the world). If you have a group and a place to have an activity, we will be happy to reach you! Today, educational institutions, organizations and workplaces such as enrichment or professional training for staff, community organizations and private initiatives often make use of our services.

ארגון קורס

Get Involved

Additional ways to contribute

תרומה כספית

Bank Transfer

Account name: El HaLev Organization

Account number: 324051

Branch: 517 (Talpiot, Jerusalem)

Bank: 20 (Mizrahi Tefahot)

Donate Online

eligible for tax return

Phone or Mail

We accept offline donations

Phone: 02-678-1764

Address: Poalei Tzedek 2

P.O. Box 53007

Jerusalem 91530

From the USA

(eligible for tax return):


Jewish Communal Fund
With The Note:El HaLev Scholarship Fund (4086) 
575 Madison Avenue, suite 703
New York NY 10022

Phone: 212-752-8277
Fax: 212-3196963


With only a few Agorot, you can prevent the next case of sexual abuse

“Round Up” (“Igul L’tova”)

Your small change becomes big change!

You can contribute to El HaLev with every purchase on an Israeli credit card!

On every transaction, your charge will be rounded up to the nearest shekel, and the difference will be donated to El HaLev.

This adds up to around 4 NIS per month; small change for you, but a significant contribution to our activities!

עיגול לטובה

Volunteer for El HaLev

As a nonprofit organization, El HaLev warmly welcomes volunteers. We believe that all members of society share a responsibility to create a safe community, and we are thankful to our volunteers, who help us promote that vision*.

There are many ways to support El HaLev’s activities, and many different options for volunteer work.

* Based on the needs of the organization and contingent on an application process

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