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Courses in Israel

El HaLev’s empowerment self-defense programs give people the chance to discover their inner power at every stage of their lives.

The course materials are adapted to the unique challenges of every age group, and offer simple, effective techniques for coping with various types of uncomfortable situations and violence.

Kids and parents, bat mitzvah girls, teens, and women of all ages—we invite you to connect to the power in your bodies and spirits through our one-of-a-kind programs.

  • Assess risky situations

  • Learn simple & effective physical techniques

  • Develop a healthy connection to your body

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • Enhance your communication skills

El HaLev is active throughout Israel and offers empowerment self-defense courses to private groups, schools, organizations, and businesses.

Our flagship courses—IMPACT and “The Freedom to Choose”—are open for registration.

IMPACT is a unique self-defense training program developed to combat and prevent sexual violence. Many graduates have defined it as a life-changing and powerful experience that positively influenced all areas of their lives.

The intensive training involves simulated fights with instructors in full-body protective gear.

IMPACT is one of two empowerment self-defense programs for women and girls. It is an opportunity to fully experience the hidden power of your voice and your body.

The skills acquired in "The Freedom to Choose" course are simple, effective, and crucial for every woman and girl. Like the skills learned in a first aid course, they are basic—but can save lives.

“The Freedom to Choose” is our most popular course, and every year, thousands join the ranks of our graduates!

Come take part in a unique experience that will allow you to rediscover the power within you!

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