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What is ESD? (Empowerment Self-Defense) 

Welcome to Empowerment Self-Defense, a transformative journey merging inner strength with practical skills, guiding you through life's challenges with confidence. Beyond physical techniques, it's a philosophy nurturing growth, awareness, and empowerment, reclaiming your agency in an uncertain world.

But first, a bit of history:

Empowerment self-defense (ESD) has a rich history intertwined with the feminist and social justice movements of the late 20th century. ESD was a direct response to the prevailing societal norms that perpetuated gender-based violence and disempowerment. Influenced by core feminist principles such as autonomy and equality, ESD aimed to provide individuals with the necessary tools to resist and confront both physical and emotional threats. The movement's foundations lay in the development of workshops and training programs, which not only imparted physical techniques but also emphasized the importance of mental and emotional resilience. By challenging victim-blaming attitudes and fostering a profound sense of agency, self-confidence, and assertiveness, ESD not only addressed immediate safety concerns but also sparked a broader cultural shift. As time progressed, empowerment self-defense evolved and incorporated insights from various fields including psychology, sociology, and trauma studies. This evolution speaks to its enduring legacy, as ESD continues to inspire and fuel a diverse range of initiatives worldwide, each dedicated to fostering personal empowerment and driving collective change in the face of adversity. 

Unleash Your Power

Empowerment Self-Defense taps into your innate power. Strength is multi-faceted – physical, mental, emotional. Through focused training, you'll harness these aspects, projecting confidence to deter threats.

Build Awareness

Awareness is key. Empowerment Self-Defense equips you to read situations, identify dangers, and respond proactively. Self-awareness and trust grow, boosting decision-making and resilience.

Holistic Approach

Beyond physical safety, it covers emotional, verbal aspects. Communicate assertively, setting clear boundaries. Navigate conflicts gracefully, building strength in communication.

Forge Connections

Join a supportive community embracing Empowerment Self-Defense's transformative potential. Connect with kindred spirits, sharing stories, learning, and celebrating victories together.

5 Principles of Empowerment Self-Defense

In all our activities, we instill in our students the 5 basic principles that make up our personal self-defense toolbox. These are skills that we carry with us everywhere. At any time, we can choose which skill to employ when our boundaries are crossed: when we are bullied, subject to peer pressure, sexual harassment, or abuse, etc. 

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assess situations, listen to your body and intuition

express boundaries

walk away if uncomfortable

defend yourself if threatened


seek support without judgment.

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