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Private Registration and Cancellation Policy for Classes

1. A minimum number of participants is required to open classes. El HaLev reserves the right to cancel or postpone an activity due to low registration.

2. Changes may be made to the schedule or the staff assigned to teach the class.

3. Health declaration:

3.1 Every participant must sign a registration and health declaration form to participate in the class.


3.2 Every participant must inform El HaLev of any change in her medical condition and provide medical documentation if requested.


3.3 El HaLev reserves the right to refuse or terminate a registrant’s participation in light of her medical condition.

4. Trial classes:

4.1 Registration for a course does not include a trial class.


4.2 Registration for year-long classes includes one trial class per program. Payment for the classes begins from the date of the trial class.


4.3 Students may coordinate with El HaLev staff to participate in a trial for another year-long class.

5. Cancellation:

5.1 The registration fee is non-refundable.

5.2 For a course:

  • Upon notice no fewer than 14 workdays before the course opens, a cancellation fee of either 5% of the course tuition or 100 NIS—whichever is lower—will be charged.

  • We are unable to cancel participation or provide a refund within 14 workdays of the first class.


5.3 For a year-long class:

  • A student wishing to terminate her participation in a class must give written notice with a refund request form. The refund will be calculated according to the date the form is submitted at the front desk at El HaLev.

  • Until the end of November, a cancellation fee of either 5% of the class tuition or 100 NIS—whichever is lower—will be charged.

  • From December 1st through the end of February, if the refund request is approved, the student will be charged for 4 classes (or 8 in the case of a class that takes place twice a week) in addition to the classes she already took before submitting the cancellation request form.

  • From March 1st onwards, no refund is available, with the exception of a proven medical reason and/or a student who has moved (and can provide a signed contract). Every refund request will be considered individually.


5.4 Cancellation on account of a medical condition must be submitted in writing with appropriate medical documentation. In this case, El HaLev is not obligated to refund the student, but will consider each case individually.


5.5 A student who received a subsidy and terminates her participation for any reason has, in effect, waived her rights to the subsidy. She will therefore be charged the full price for the classes in which she participated.


5.6 Discount coupons can only be used once. The expiration date is no longer in effect once the coupon has been used to register for a class, regardless of whether the student completes the class.

6. Absences:

6.1 A student who will be absent from a class for any reason must notify El HaLev before the class has started.

6.2 The student will be charged for classes she has missed. El HaLev is unable to refund or make up missed classes.

6.3 In the case of prolonged absence from classes for a medical reason: the student must submit a refund request form along with medical documentation, and her request will be considered individually. The medical documents must be submitted no later than 15 days after the request form is submitted.

6.4 A student who has been absent for a prolonged period on account of a medical condition must present a doctor’s note permitting her to continue training.

7. The student will assume responsibility for any bank charges as the result of a check that bounced or was cancelled for any reason.


Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any requests or suggestions for improvement; we are listening!

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