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MyPwr App

Meet your most powerful self

The MyPwr App, created by the social startup company MyPwr is a cutting-edge, interactive, AI driven digital classroom designed for 21st-century learners. It offers ESD (Empowerment and Self-Defense) lessons that cover the basic skills and principles taught in ESD classes for ages 18+. 

El HaLev's partnership with the MyPwr App marks a transformative chapter in violence prevention education, drawing from El HaLev's wealth of professional experience and expertise in ESD. This collaboration solidifies El HaLev's dedication to empowerment and personal safety in the digital age, with the MyPwr App serving as an innovative platform to bring these principles to life. 

אפליקציית Mypwr

By merging multimedia elements such as audio, video, text, animation, and gaming, the app bridges traditional teaching approaches with advanced technology, delivering a comprehensive and engaging empowerment self-defense education, empowered by AI-driven interactivity to learners. 

Moreover, MyPwr proudly extends its collaboration to educational institutions with the College All-Gender (CAGE) version of the app. This version addresses colleges' specific safety needs, creating a secure environment that safeguards students and the institution. MyPwr's dedication to proactive campus safety, aligns with its mission, underscoring its commitment to enhancing well-being within the academic community. 

You are welcome to learn and download the app more at

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