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Building Safer Communities

Consultative NGO for the Economic and Social Committee of the U.N.

Receiver of the prize from the Department of Social Equality

Prevention of physical, emotional and sexual violence through empowerment of women, teens, children and people with special needs and a wide range of educational and empowering self-defense and martial arts programs that confer confidence building skills, discovering personal resilience, exercising the freedom to choose, managing conflict and coping with potentially dangerous situations.

El HaLev operates a national network of instructors, training programs, education and making information accessible. Our programs deal with reducing and preventing violence directed at children, youth, women and people with disabilities from all sectors of Israeli society. Today, the organization operates within the framework of hundreds of organizations, municipal authorities, business companies, community initiatives and welfare, education and health institutions.

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El HaLev NPO

Education, Instruction And training to deal with violence and dangerous situations.

E-mail: info@elhalev.org

Phone: 02-6781764

Registered Charity: 580416634

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Building Safer Communities

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