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El HaLev is a non-profit organization that operates with full transparency. The staff and instructors of the organization feel a strong sense of mission in their work. All of them are deeply committed to the values of equality, mutual respect, nonviolence, and full acceptance of the other. The staff strives for and actively works towards excellence, streamlining our services, effecting sustainable change in the conditions of vulnerable members of society, and decreasing all forms of violence in Israel. In September 2015, El HaLev was awarded the “Midot” Seal of Approval, attesting to El HaLev’s status as an organization that effects real and significant change in the lives of its beneficiaries, in accordance with its goals, while utilizing its resources with maximum efficiency.

Funding Sources 2018*



Program Income


Government Funding



Expenses 2018*



General Administrative Costs**


Research and Community Engagement


Education and Social Service Programs

* The data presented is from pre-audit financial data.

** Please note that general administrative expenses of the organization are funded by direct donations. All other donations to El HaLev are used only to support our programs and subsidize student tuitions.

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