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MyPwr App - Empowerment Self Defense

Invitation for El HaLev's Graduated to Join our Beta Testers!

October 2003: A bunch of women martial artists got together and dreamed of an organization that could support women and their personal security. Since then, El HaLev has worked tirelessly to bring programs to women and girls -- and more recently boys -- so that they can learn to defend themselves.


March 2020: As the world started to feel the true effects of Covid-19 and it became clear that we would not be having in-person classes in the foreseeable future, we needed to find a way to bring programs into the homes of our students. That May we started working on an App that can do just that.


As many of you know, domestic violence has skyrocketed during the pandemic. While that was not surprising, as lockdown and loss of income are huge triggers for violence, it became even clearer that this App needed to be created as soon as possible.


The MyPwr App has been developed by an incredible team, the majority of whom are El HaLev instructors, where the integrity of the Empowerment Self Defense we teach in our Freedom to Choose and IMPACT classes is maintained, and yet is delivered in short units that can be practiced wherever the user wishes. 


A year and a half later, lots of late hours, sweat, tears, and rejoicing breakthroughs, we are preparing to Beta-test the MyPwr App. Because we are looking at this App as a global solution to violence, the current version is in English. We are hoping to begin Beta-testing in Hebrew in early 2022.


We would love to offer graduates of El HaLev programs access to the App as Beta-testers. You know us and our work best, and your opinion means a lot to us. It is also a great way to refresh your knowledge. Win-win.


Click here to sign up to be a beta-tester. It is our hope to launch on November 25th in honor of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Also, please feel free to pass this on to others you know who are either grads or involved in organizations that would benefit from bringing the App into their communities.



Yudit Sidikman

Co-Founder and President – El HaLev

CEO MyPwr Ltd.

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